Inside Micrometer

Model: MID-345711 Capacity: .2-1.2 inch (5-30mm) Model: MID-345712 Capacity: 1-2 inch (25-50mm) Resolution: .00005 Use: Measuring nut and washer I.D.s

Outside Micrometer

Model: MIC-293725 Capacity: 0-1 inch (0-25mm) Model: MIC-293726 Capacity: 1-2 inch (25-50mm) Resolution: .00005 Use: O.D. measurements

Thread Pitch Micrometer

THREAD PITCH MICROMETER Model: MTI-326711 Capacity: 0-1 inch (0-25mm) Resolution: .00005 Use: Measuring external pitch diameters Note: Interchangeable pitch anvils required (Part No. MTI-126800)

TT Thread Micrometer

Model: MTT 314711 Resolution: .00005 Use: Measuring Tri-Roundular Screws

Greenslade and Company, Inc.

Greenslade and Company, Inc.