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Mission Statement

The Greenslade & Company mission is to contribute to the success of our customers by providing them with the lowest cost, most prompt and most error-free dimensional calibration services available. Additionally, it is our mission to provide our employees with a pleasant, challenging, and rewarding work environment, while also providing our vendors with a mutually profitable and respectful relationship.

Brief History

In 1978 Greenslade & Company, Inc. was created By Joe Greenslade in Rockford, Illinois, as a supplier of manufacturing tooling and services to the bolt, nut, and screw manufacturing industry. In 1983, mechanical fastener measuring and testing equipment were added to the product line. By 1990, Greenslade & Company had begun designing and manufacturing many proprietary measuring devices to meet the specific inspection needs of mechanical fasteners.

In the early 90’s, Greenslade & Company began manufacturing test plates using our first piece of CNC equipment.

In 1999, Greenslade & Company began to develop its dimensional equipment calibration capabilities to offer an additional service to our customers. In 2000 the Greenslade laboratory succeeded in achieving accreditation to ISO Guide 25 by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), and by 2002, we upgraded our accreditation to ISO17025.

In late 2002, Joe Greenslade relocated the Company to Fort Worth, TX, and by 2004 we added another piece of CNC equipment to keep up with the demand.

Immediately after moving the company across the country, Greenslade & Company initiated the “Guaranteed one week turn around policy” on calibration which spurred rapid growth of our calibration laboratory. With the new location, came new employees to help with the expansion in Sales, Engineering, and Computer Technology. We also experienced a surge in international business as we added representatives around the globe.

In 2007, it was time for Joe Greenslade to move on, and he sold the business to Larry Borowski and Larry McLaughlin who were part of the management team at the time.

By 2009, the company doubled the building size, built a new Calibration laboratory with 3 times the floor space of the old one, and added more manufacturing capability to have better control over quality and lead times for our evergrowing customer base. At the same time, the company invested in a more robust Calibration Software to better manage the workload.

In the following years, Greenslade & Company, Inc., among other things, introduced a new logo, began an aggressive marketing campaign, and launched a new website to better handle the flow of information.

While we maintain our roots in the Fastener Industry, we continue to evolve and improve our operations to build strong customer ties, and offer innovation to the Industry through World Class inspection equipment and technical services.

Mr. Measurement was created by Ft. Worth artist Gregory Arth. View his work

Greenslade and Company, Inc.

Greenslade and Company, Inc.