Data Collection Software

N-SPEKT© 2 Software is a Windows based program specifically developed to efficiently and effectively record the data acquired during either incoming and/or final inspection operations.

Greenslade – now a proud member of the Filemaker Business Alliance

Primary N-SPEKT© 2 program benefits:

  • Tremendous labor savings (one inspector using N-SPEKT© 2 software can do the amount of work done by three inspectors using paper and pencil systems)
  • Greater accuracy from direct data in-put
  • Robust data retrieval capabilities, find inspection reports based on:
    • Job number
    • Part number
    • Customer
    • Vendor
    • Inspection date
  • Complete, concise test reports
  • Extremely intuitive and operator-friendly

Data input:

  • Direct input from digital Mitutoyo gages*
  • Keyboard input
  • * Contact Greenslade to discuss connecting other brands

User types:

  • Single user, expandable to network multi-user
  • Network version, Host/Client(s) peer-to-peer configuration
  • FileMaker© Server with Host & Client(s) configuration

Packages Available:

N-SPEKT Turn-key Package

  • N-SPEKT© 2 software & FileMaker Pro
  • Computer (CPU, monitor, keyboard, Windows 10 operating system)
  • Gage interface with gage connection cables
  • Note: No gages are included in this package.

N-SPEKT Software & Interface Package

  • N-SPEKT© 2 software & FileMaker Pro
  • Gage interface with connection cables
  • Note 1: No gages are included in this package.
  • Note 2: Minimum computer requirements:
    • Windows XP (sp3) operating system
    • 1 Ghz or faster CPU
    • 512 Mb of RAM
    • One available COM or USB 2 port
    • High speed internet connection

Available Accessories:

  • Greenslade Fastener Inspection Equipment
  • Standard digital gages of all types

Free 30 Day Trial:

Download Demo Click this link to download and install your 30 day trial of our N-SPEKT© 2 software. Developed and Copyright Protected by Greenslade & Company, Inc.

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Data Collection Software

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