Internal Variable Gages

Bi-Point™ Gage

The BI-POINT Internal Thread Gage is a widely adjustable thread measuring instrument with three frame sizes required to measure from #10 through 2-1/2″, from 2-5/8″ through 5″ and from 5-1/8″ through 8″. The measurement resolution is .0001″. It can be used bench mounted or hand held.
A specific set of gaging fingers is required for each thread size. The BI-POINT Gage can be changed from one thread size to another in less than three minutes. The following gaging fingers are available:
Thread Characteristic ANSI/ASME Gage #
Functional Diameter 4.1
Pitch Diameter (per size) 4.5
Minor Diameter (per size) 5.2
“VARIMINOR” (.190″-2.5″ adjustable) 5.2 Variable
Runout (P.D. to minor) 4.7
Lead and Flank Angle 4.8
The BI-POINT Gage meets all of the requirements of ANSI/ASME B 1.3, SAE AS8879
The BI-POINT Gage is set using a solid threaded master ring gage. The master ring has three certified sizes on it: pitch diameter, functional diameter, and minor diameter. The gaging fingers must be set to the corresponding master ring certified size.
The result of a long form Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Study for the BI-POINT™ Gage was 13% with the pitch diameter gaging fingers and 15% with the functional diameter gaging fingers.

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