Gaging Stations


Systems improve measurement speed, accuracy and GR&R results dramatically!


  • Ideal for SPC
  • All GR&R less than 20%
  • Other system configurations available based on review of part prints
Join many of the fastener industry’s largest manufacturers by adopting the use of FASTATION Systems for making in-process measurements. SPC data is only as good as the measurements that go into the formulas. FASTATION Systems generally provide GR&R results one half those of handheld gages. All GR&R values are less than 20%, with most below 10%. The use of FASTATION Systems in fastener production is enthusiastically accepted by machine operators. Their use reduces internal measurement controversies. In many cases machine capability study results improve because the FASTATION Systems remove most of the gage error that adversely effect Cp and Cpk studies. The FASTATION System shown above is for screw and rivet production. Other configurations are supplied to meet specific manufacturer’s needs based on the review of the prints for parts to be measured by Greenslade personnel. Upgrade your measurement approach to state-of-the-art by adopting FASTATION Systems!


One person does the work of three!

Users of the FinalChek System can inspect fasteners and record results approximately three times faster than those using hand-held gages and hand writing inspection results. This state-of-the-art approach enables one person to do the work of three using older equipment and methods. Users input a given part’s inspection requirements into the computer only one time. When inspecting the part after this, the inspector only enters the part number and the system is ready for inspection to begin. Eliminating the need to input inspection requirements every time is one of the major sources of time savings provided by this system. Inspection results can be saved by part number and/or by vendor for future reference. This makes record saving more efficient. It also allows the user to develop a vendor rating program. Vendors who know they are being monitored and rated generally perform better than those who do not. Professional-looking inspection records can be generated immediately after testing or at a future date. Most customers view computer-generated inspection reports as more credible than those hand written or typed. The saying “time is money” is still valid. FinalChek Systems provide users financial savings by greatly reducing inspection and record keeping time.

Turn-Key Inspection System with N-Spekt© Software

FinalChek PC Gaging System Includes:

Computerized Data Collection System
  • PC Computer
  • SVGA Color Monitor, Printer
  • Gage Interface with Four Ports & Foot Switch
  • Gage Cables
  • Operating Software
  • N-Spekt© Inspection Software (Windows)
Gaging System E (screws and bolts only)
  • Position 1 RecessCheker®
  • Position 2 DIMENSION-ALL®
  • Position 3 X-120® Adjustable Tri-Roll Gage, or
  • X-180® Segment Gage
  • Position 4 Length Gage, 0-6″
Gaging System El (screws, bolts and nuts)
  • Positions 1 through 4, same as System E
  • Position 5 Bi-Point® Internal Thread Gage

Note: All gages mounted on one metal base plate.

Gaging Accessories (sold separately)
  • RecessCheker® Elements
  • X-120® Templates, Gaging Rolls and Setting Plugs
  • X-180® Segments and Setting Plugs
  • Bi-Point® Gaging Fingers and Setting Rings

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