Length Gages

Length Gages for Fastener Measuring:

Greenslade’s LengthChek™ makes measuring the lengths of fasteners fast, easy, and accurate. These gages offer major improvements over the past practices of measuring fastener lengths with the back end of calipers, scales or rulers. Such methods are crude, slow, cumbersome and frequently inaccurate.

The most popular LengthChek™ is the electronic, digital model LG-006E that has a 6″ (150mm) capacity with.0005″ resolution. There are also two 2″ capacity models: LG-002E, 0-2″ (50mm), electronic with .0001″ resolution and the LG-002D, 0-2″, dial indicator type with .001″ resolution. We also offer the LG-012E, 0-12″.

The LengthChek™ is ideally suited for use in production as well as in incoming and final inspection applications. Fastener lengths can be measured up to 4 times faster with LengthChek™ than with other less suitable instruments.

The result of a long form Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Study for the LengthChek™ is 10%.

Greenslade and Company, Inc.

Greenslade and Company, Inc.