RecessCheker® Measuring System

Patent #4,936,024

This patented system provides fast interchangeability of all recess measuring elements listed below on a single base having one digital electronic indicator. This system is ideal for use in manufacturing applications where the recess measurements need to be recorded electronically and for incoming or final inspection applications where space, storage and total gage costs are important. When four or more of the above elements are required, it is less expensive to purchase the “RecessCheker” System instead of individual gages. Customers need to order one “RecessCheker” Base and specify the types of gages needed as “RecessCheker” Elements.


Base Unit RCB-1


Slot Depth RCSL-0

Phillips Recess:
#1 RCP-1
#2 RCP-2
#3 RCP-3
#4 RCP-4

Pozidriv Recess:
#1 RCPz-1
#2 RCPz-2
#3 RCPz-3
#4 RCPz-4

Square Recess:
#1 RCSq-1
#2 RCSq-2
#3 RCSq-3
#4 RCSq-4

Hex Recess:
1/16 RCH-062
thru 3/8 RCH-375
M1 RCHM-1.5
thru M10 RCHM-10

6-Lobe Recess:
T-6 RC6L-T5
thru T-55 RC6L-T55
Greenslade and Company, Inc.

Greenslade and Company, Inc.